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For the last ten years, our team has been working so hard to ideal the procedure of developing a jade Guasha. This product is a present from nature. Click the button below to know more regarding our item: its uses, color, shipping, therefore far more!

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SP-Gemstone is All You Need

We are a company that manufactures jade-related products and we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, delivering the best jade Guasha products to your doorstep.

In action to the need for risk-free care tools, SP Gems entered into being, aiming to make risk-free, natural and also healthy and balanced jade beauty tools (As Jade Guasha). Now, we have grown into a popular jade business in China. Yes, you can trust us!

Still in doubt? Here are other reasons why we are your best choice:

100+ satisfied customers worldwide. We have actually made items for firms in the United States, Brazil, Russia, as well as extra.

We are broadening rapidly.We presently have more than 100 workers as well as our own factory all set to serve you.

We respond promptly. Call us on our website and also we will certainly get back to you asap.

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The Best Jade Guasha For You

We are the supplier of the best Jade Guasha in the market. Want to know more? no problem! Our shop also includes Jade rollers as well as sets to suit your every need.

Our team of experts can personalize your order according to your needs!

Engrave your logo. Make your brand a focal point with our logo engraving services.

Choose your color. Tell us what color you want, we offer Jade Guasha in all colors on the market.

Natural and non-toxic

We use the most natural stones to make scraping boards in a purely physical way. We can guarantee that our products do not contain any harmful substances.

MOQ is 20pcs of each kind of product.

MOQ is 100pcs of each kind product if need customize the product (laser engraved logo on Roller, or custom-designed box)

Approximate Wholesale Price

All the money paid to Sp Gemstone for the purchase of their products is secure. Below is an outline of costs you will incur:

Design Fee

You can pay a small amount for the logo design you’d like for your jade Guasha wholesale cost.

Shipping Cost

It is the sum that you have to pay for the transport of your goods directly from your factory door. SP Gemstone provides you with convenience of all kinds.

Miscellaneous Fee

Other fees are related to tax or service charges, penalties, or late fees. These are typically low-cost amounts.

Jade guasha wholesale

Sample Product Fee

Make a payment of a minimum amount in the event that you require the Jade Guasha sample. The money you pay is only for one sample, in the event that it’s one you require. If you need more than one sample it will cost a little more.

50% T/T Fee

You have the option to pay the entire amount or make a 50% payment of the total payment to cover the cost of wholesale.

50 % Final Fee

Pay your bill within a certain time and you will receive the goods that you paid for.

Estimated Service and Delivery Times

We work quickly. We have a professional sales consultant group. Allow’s take a look at the entire procedure of production and shipping:

jade roller production process

Step 1

Design and manufacturing time

We use natural stones. We designed them to be Jade Guasha

during the manufacturing process.

Packing products time

Step 2

Packing products time

It’s an easy task and our workers pack them in no time.

Step 3

Customs clearance and loading times

The staff quickly load products, and after customs clearance is complete, drivers deliver them to various dispatch points.

transportation time

Step 4

Sea and land transportation time

You will be notified when a product arrives in your area. You can plan your harvest time.

The Whole Production Process Of Wholesale Jade Guasha

Here’s what we do when making wholesale Jade Guasha:

Production Process Of Wholesale Jade Guasha

Raw materials

We take natural gems and turn them into Jade Guasha.

Jade Guasha production process

We cut the natural stone into thin slices, grind the jade flakes into Guasha, polish and dry them. Combine with metal to form a complete jade Guasha.

Make your logo

If you have your own LOGO, we can print it on the product for you.


Put the Jade Guasha in the box. (We also support custom-designed boxes).

Things you Need to Know about Facial Roller Wholesale

Here are some facts you need to know about our facial roller supplies:

Of course, all the stones we use are 100% natural. We have a natural certification for every stone.

Yes, no problem, just provide your box logo.

If your product needs some special needs, please get in touch with our rep to review even more information about the product. We will attempt our best to accommodate your demand. The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.

Yes, of course. Sample orders are welcome. However, we do not provide free samples. You need to pay a fee to get samples.

Normally our payment term is 50% before order, 50% pay off before shipment, also you can arrange payment by paypal or western union.

Top-quality is a top priority! Every worker keeps the QC from the really beginning to the very end;
All raw materials we made use of are environmental-friendly;
Skillful employees care every information handing the stamping, printing, stitching, packing process;
The quality assurance department is specifically in charge of high-quality monitoring in each process.

Natural stone is a non-renewable resource. Each gem has a different element, mineral supply different makes price different.

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