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We provide the best quality noise-free natural jade roller for global beauty brands. This is the best skincare tool that can be added to your skincare collection. Used alone or together with regular skincare products, it can cool the skin, promote blood circulation and reduce puffiness. Due to the natural formation of quartz, the color of each piece may be different.
rose quartz facial roller
Green Aveenturine Roller

What Can We Do?

MOQ is 20pcs of each kind of product. MOQ is 100pcs of each kind product if need customize the product (laser engraved logo on Roller/Guasha, or custom-designed box) Contact us to learn about our wholesale prices and discuss your packaging options. Competitive price, bulk order!

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SP Gemstone has been in the business of wholesale jade rollers in China for 12 years, let a true industry veteran provide you with high-quality jade rollers.

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