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Our Products

We take pride in being able to offer a diverse selection of jade rollers to suit different preferences and requirements. Our collection comes in different sizes and shapes, all made from authentic high quality jade stones. Each tumbler is carefully inspected to ensure superior workmanship and durability, guaranteeing your customers the highest quality product.

The Whole Production Process Of Jade Roller Wholesale

Here’s what we do when making Jade Roller Wholesale:

The Whole Production Process Of Jade Roller

Raw materials

We take natural gems and turn them into Jade rollers.

Jade roller production process

We cut the natural stone into thin slices, grind the jade flakes into rollers, polish and dry them. Combine with metal to form a complete facial roller.

Make your logo

If you have your own LOGO, we can print it on the product for you.


Put the Jade Facial Roller in the box. (We also support custom-designed boxes).

Things you Need to Know about Jade Roller Wholesale

Here are some facts you need to know about our facial roller supplies:

In the whole production procedure, top quality is always the leading concern of the request. From stone pick-up to mass production, the pertinent departments will strictly abide by the excellent plan. 5 times QC before we ship these items to our customers.

We are a three-dimensional, strict manufacturing management mode, to make sure every product is top quality and delivered.

We have a long-term cooperated forwarder. You can get goods safely and quickly at an affordable price.

Yes, of course. Sample orders are welcome. However, we do not provide free samples. You need to pay a fee to get samples.

Yes. We could make a customized logo/brand on the products. Usually, the Logo customization is 100pcs.

We only choose 100% natural stone, all products certified by CE, MSDS, ROHS, SGS, which is allowed to go to European and American markets.

Natural stone is a non-renewable resource. Each gem has a different element, mineral supply different makes price different.

Origins and Historical Significance

For centuries, traditional Chinese medicine and skincare rituals have embraced the use of jade rollers. These exquisite green gemstones, believed to possess healing and protective properties, have long been associated with promoting balance, harmony, and overall well-being. Initially limited to the upper class in China, jade rollers have now gained popularity among a wider audience.

Unveiling the Physical Attributes

A jade roller typically consists of a handle attached to two cylindrical rollers. These rollers are crafted from pure jade or similar stones like quartz or rose quartz. While jade rollers vary in size, they typically measure around 5-6 inches in length. The cool touch of the stone enhances the overall experience and magnifies the benefits of using a jade roller.

Boosting Skin Health and Radiance

Among the primary advantages of incorporating a jade roller into your routine is its ability to promote healthy and radiant skin. By rolling the device across your skin, blood circulation is stimulated, resulting in a brighter complexion. Moreover, jade is believed to possess detoxifying properties, assisting in purifying the skin and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Alleviating Puffiness and Inflammation

Jade rollers excel in reducing facial puffiness and inflammation. The coolness of the stone aids in constricting blood vessels, thereby diminishing swelling and minimizing the visibility of under-eye bags and puffiness. Regular usage of a jade roller in the morning imparts a revitalizing effect and leaves the skin looking refreshed.

Optimizing Product Absorption

Incorporating a jade roller into your skincare routine optimizes the absorption of your preferred skincare products. Once you’ve applied your favorite serums or moisturizers, gently glide the jade roller across your face. This action facilitates deeper penetration of the products into the skin, maximizing their effectiveness.

Providing a Refreshing and Calming Sensation

The cooling sensation of a jade roller on the skin is immensely soothing and refreshing. Particularly after a long day or during warm weather, the gentle massaging motion, combined with the stone’s coolness, creates a calming experience that alleviates tension and promotes relaxation.

Our wholesale pricing structure has been meticulously crafted to ensure exceptional value for your investment. We offer competitive pricing, allowing you to maximize your profit margins. To support small businesses and start-ups, we maintain reasonable minimum order quantities (MOQs), giving you the flexibility and ease to start your wholesale journey.

We help you establish your brand identity and differentiate yourself from competitors with our customizable options for wholesale customers. Collaborate closely with our skilled team to turn your ideas into reality. Enhance your brand image by incorporating your company logo or designing a truly unique visual concept. We believe that personalized branding increases customer loyalty and recognition, making your business truly memorable.

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