How To Clean A Jade Roller? (3 Easy Steps)

how to clean a jade roller

One of the most frequently asked questions concerning jade roller is– ‘Do I need to clean my face roller and also if of course, How to clean a jade roller?’

The answer to that is simple– YES, you need to clean your face roller after each use.

Jade rollers are among the most convenient means to raise your whole skincare regimen. These extravagant, fragile, handmade elegance devices have actually been a staple in elegance routines for centuries. They’ve also made a current rebirth across social media sites like Instagram, consequently boosting their appeal.

When paired with the appropriate skin care products, the appropriate jade face roller delivers you years of much healthier, extra vibrant skin.

Learn how to clean a jade roller in a couple of easy steps to maintain your face roller looking and working fresh.

Quickly View The Steps To Clean The Jade Roller

To clean your face roller, wipe the rock tidy with a damp fabric or soft towel, and also never clean with very hot water or soak in water.

For a deeper clean, use a gentle soap or cleanser to wipe away item accumulation and kill microorganisms.

To dry, leave it on a soft fabric or towel and also entrust it to dry. If your roller is spotless – actually, attempt adding a few declines of your favored face oil to the joints on the head.

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How To Clean A Jade Roller After Use?


Here’s an easy as well as quick means to clean your facial jade rollers– Take a damp microfibre towel as well as clean down the face roller completely after every usage, and never wipe with very hot water or soak in water.

Even though Jade and also Rose Quartz are non-porous, indicating they will certainly not take in any type of skincare product you apply to the skin before utilizing them, they will certainly still accumulate dirt and crud in time otherwise cleansed.

Jade rollers are made using brass brackets. Cleaning the roller in water quickly corrodes and damages the metal. Hereafter corrosion damages the look as well as weakens the metal making it pointless.

This is even worse with rollers that employ cable brackets that are simply glued in place. The adhesive liquifies far faster indicating the metal falls apart. This possibly subjects the sharp wire to your skin. This is obviously undesirable.

How To Disinfect Jade Rollers?


If you are a person that intends to deep clean your charm devices you have to deep clean. Merely clean the roller with a mild soap for 15-30 secs and also wash with water. If you have sensitive skin– We recommend that instead of making use of soap, you wash the roller with the face cleanser you use every day.

We do not suggest ever before making use of any kind of harsh chemicals to clean up the roller … so no bleach or alcohol. It can harm the protective layer on the Jade as well as Rose Quartz.
Also, alcohol can dry out the skin.

After you have actually cleaned the roller making use of warm water, gently pat it dry and also lay it flat on a tidy, completely dry towel to stop rusting.

How To Store Your Clean Jade Roller

It’s essential to properly store your face roller to assist in lengthening its life and keep the fragile gems’ long life. Several jade face roller comes in a unique storage bag to help safeguard them and also prevent damage from falls or bumps.

As soon as you have actually cleaned as well as dried your face roller, we advise storing it guaranteed or wrapped in a soft, dry fabric.

It’s finest to keep it somewhere it won’t quickly fall and also in an area that is devoid of excess moisture as well as heat. Rather than stashing it in the medication closet or washroom rack, try storing it on a vanity or dresser rather than shielding the stone.


You can additionally think about storying the jade roller for your face in the fridge for a cooling, spa-like experience with every use. The cooled-down facial roller not just feels lavish but likewise helps with tightening and depuffing the skin.

Just make sure to never ever keep the roller in the fridge freezer– the chillier temperature levels can cause the delicate stone to break more quickly.

Sometimes, you may also locate that your Jade roller begins to make a squealing noise. That’s normal. Merely take any kind of face oil or even olive or coconut oil and also add a decline of that on the joints where the steel affixes to the stone/crystal. Roll the roller head back and forth on your palm a few times and the squeaking will stop.

How Long Does A Jade Roller Last?

Cared for effectively a jade roller can last a lifetime. Real jade will not fade with time. In poor-quality rollers, the steel brackets may break down. It is necessary to acquire better top-quality rollers preferably with a lifetime assurance if you prepare to utilize your roller long-lasting.

I wish this short article assists make sure to share it with your fellow skincare addicts!

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