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We are the leading Jade Feng Roller Wholesaler, Supplier, and Manufacturer. We provide the best quality noise-free natural jade roller for global beauty brands. This is the best skincare tool that can be added to your skincare collection. Used alone or together with regular skincare products, it can cool the skin, promote blood circulation and reduce puffiness. Due to the natural formation of quartz, the color of each piece may be different.

what can we do?

  1. MOQ is 20pcs of each kind of product.
  2. MOQ is 100pcs of each kind product if need customize the product (laser engraved logo on Roller/Guasha, or custom-designed box)

Contact us to learn about our wholesale price and discuss your packaging options. Competitive price, bulk order!

jade feng roller

What are the benefits for  jade roller?

JADE ROLLER is made of 100% natural jade with amazing physical therapy effects. The jade stone contains selenium, zinc, nickel, cobalt, manganese, magnesium, calcium and other more than 30 kinds of trace elements that will benefit your body. Using the neck, face, back, chin, hand, arm, waist, scalp and feet, it not only helps to improve skin color, tighten pores, but also to reduce eyes.


We are the very best all-natural jade Feng roller factory in China and also the wholesale jade Feng roller maker for numerous years at affordable prices. There are greater than 100 different kinds of jade rollers that can fulfill your need. We additionally can do any kind of colors, any type of logo design, or customized plan for you.

Jade in old times was a symbol of elegance, good luck, and also positivity. Several ancient individuals such as ancient Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Aztecs, Mayans, and so forth thought that jade has all-natural healing powers that can aid in acquiring youthful vigor and also timeless beauty.

Jade roller is a well-known traditional beauty device in China, which is stated to have been used by beauty-loving females given that the 17th century. It was in vogue in the 1990s.

However in the last few years, with the popularity of Qing Royal residence dramas, Jade Roller has actually returned to the eyes of the public. It can not just be used alone, however likewise can be used with cream, face cream, or eye cream. Via the stamina of massage, it can get rid of water and boost the absorption of ingredients after a massage. It can likewise improve the circulation of blood, making the skin a lot more useful and smooth, and also have an intolerable effect on face thinning.

We are one of the leading merchants and jade Feng roller suppliers in China for numerous years.

We concentrated on natural beauty Gua sha stone tools, Chinese typical health care massager tools, elegance & personal treatment devices.

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