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Rose Quartz Roller Wholesale

Welcome to SP Gemstone, a trusted quality Jade Roller Manufacturer and Supplier. We take pride in supplying our fine rose quartz rollers to our wholesale customers. With our dedication to quality and craftsmanship, we deliver exceptional products that promote health and skin care.

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  1. MOQ is 20pcs of each kind of product.
  2. MOQ is 100pcs of each kind product if need customize the product (laser engraved logo on Roller/Guasha, or custom-designed box)

Contact us to learn about our wholesale prices and discuss your packaging options. Competitive price, bulk order!


Our rose quartz rollers are meticulously handcrafted to perfection. Each roller is made from genuine rose quartz, known for its calming energy and connection to love and self-care. The rollers have a smooth and polished surface for a gentle and effective facial massage. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and precise control during use.


Rose Quartz Roller Wholesale
  • The real jade is made of rose quartz rock from the mine. It is the favorite of old Chinese nobles. Commonly using it for health benefits. It really feels cool when touched. Each group has a unique color or texture.
  • noiseless design
zinc alloy integrated frame
  • To avoid the jade rolling off, we utilize a special zinc alloy material, not only durable and glossy, you do not have to fret about your jade roller will break down. It has an extremely smooth moving effect and can get the addition of the most effective effects, it is non-polluting and will not be hazardous to the skin as well as the environment.

Wholesale Pricing and Quantity:

We offer competitive wholesale prices on Rose Quartz Rollers. To provide flexibility to our customers, we offer tiered pricing based on order quantity. Please contact us directly for pricing and minimum order requirements. Our dedicated team will help you find the best pricing option for your business needs.

Customization Options:

We understand the importance of branding and personalization. As a wholesale customer, you have the opportunity to customize our rose quartz rollers with your own branding and packaging. Whether adding your logo, creating a unique packaging design, or engraving, we can help you create a truly custom product. Let us know your requirements and we will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Ordering Process:

To place a wholesale order or inquire about our rose quartz rollers, please contact our dedicated wholesale team via email, or directly Chat with whatsapp. Our team will promptly assist you with pricing, product information and any other questions you may have. We strive to provide excellent customer service and ensure a smooth ordering process for our wholesale customers.

Directions for use
Step1: From the center of the temple, beginning at the hairline, rolling to the ear, relocate to the temple. Repeat 4-7 times. Concentrate on fine lines as well as brow furrows.

Step2: Make use of the little roller to stain the lid as well as under-eye area. Move from the internal edge of the eye location to the ear.

Step3: Usage larger roller to work from nose to ear. Proceed with the top lip, reduced lip, as well as chin. Roll along the reduced jaw line of the chin as well as make your means to the ear flap. Repeat beyond.

Step4: Begin at the chin and also bring up in the direction of the cheekbones. Scoop under the chin to the ears, after that down the neck to the neck bones.

A rose quartz roller has many benefits for skin and overall health. Regular use can help reduce facial puffiness, promote lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation, and enhance the absorption of skin care products. Gentle rolling of rose petals stimulates the skin for a youthful glow. Plus, rose quartz is known for its soothing properties, which help relieve stress and promote emotional balance.

Rose quartz roller is incredibly popular out there. Countless years back, it is said the Empress of China utilized a rose face roller to preserve her youthful appearance and gleam. The semi-precious stone considered a symbol of beauty, grace, and longevity has actually long been respected in the eastern for its mystical powers.

Rose quartz can be called climbed crystal, solidity 7, certain gravity 2.65. The texture of the rose crystal is very easy to be breakable, and also it is pink due to the fact that it consists of a percentage of titanium. Hibiscus is one of the subspecies of quartz (SiO2).

It belongs to the trigonal system. Pure quartz can travel through ultraviolet, noticeable as well as infrared rays in a particular wavelength array, and has the residential properties of optical turning, piezoelectric, and electrostriction. The openness varies from opaque to translucent to transparent, but the natural crystals are very clear and brilliant.

The primary generating locations of climbed quartz are Brazil, Madagascar, and Mozambique.
The Mozambican rose quartz is the most transparent of the three generating areas and also has a special starlight impact, which is related to the structure of the regional deposit, which makes it much more apparent that the Mozambican climbed quartz includes rutile minerals.

We provide reliable shipping and logistics services to ensure safe and on-time delivery of your wholesale orders. Our packaging is designed to protect the rollers during transit, and we work with trusted shipping partners to provide efficient and safe delivery. Shipping costs and delivery times may vary based on your location and order size. Please contact us for more information on our shipping options and associated costs.

At SP Gemstone we place quality and customer satisfaction as our top priority. Our rose quartz rollers go through strict quality control measures to meet the highest standards. We are committed to providing safe, durable and authentic products to our wholesale customers. Our manufacturing process complies with industry regulations and our rollers are made from genuine rose quartz. Rest assured that you are receiving an exceptional quality product.

To learn more about our rose quartz roller wholesale offerings or to place an order, please contact us using the information below:

We look forward to partnering with you and providing your business with the finest rose quartz rollers available in the market.

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